Record Fees

Standard Fees

$25.00 for the first page (this fee includes

the $10.00 Real Estate Fraud

Prevention Fee per GC 27388)

+ $3.00 for each additional page

+ any applicable Additional Fees

Calculation instructions for standard fee documents appear below.

Exceptions to to the standard fee include:

  • state, county, and municipal lien releases
  • maps
  • builder's contracts (filed)
  • preliminary 20 day notices (filed)


Additional Fees




​Two or more documents incorporated into one physical document are recorded and charged as two or more separate documents; e.g.
Substitution of Trustee AND Reconveyance, Deed of Trust AND Assignment of Rents  AND Fixture Filing

​$15.00 for each additional document (not subject to Real Estate Instrument Fee)


$25.00 for each additional document subject to the Real Estate Instrument Fee as shown below

​Conformed Copy ​For the return of a conformed copy ​$5.00
​Real Estate Instrument
​Real Estate Fraud Fee Per Instrument (Govt. Code 27388) ​$10.00
​Affordable Housing and Jobs Act Fee
(Senate Bill 2)
All documents unless exempted. ​$75.00 per Title of documents.
​Lien Notice Fee ​Involuntary liens ​$4.00 for each named  defendant or lienee
(husband and wife  with a common address  count as one)
​Page Size Penalty

​Documents with any pages that are smaller or larger than 8 1/2" by 11" (Over 14" long not accepted)

​$3.00 for each page of the document (not just the off-size pages)
Change of
Ownership (PCOR)
​Any document presented with an INCOMPLETE or  MISSING PCOR report that it is required to have one by law ​$20.00
​Survey Monument Preservation Fund ​Grant deeds with a property description that refers to a portion of a lot created by a recorded Tract Map,  a lot or parcel created by recording of a Survey or Parcel Map, U.S. Government Survey (Township and Range), Metes and Bounds, or street address. ​$10.00
​Previous Document Reference ​Documents referring to more than one previously recorded document, if the  reference requires indexing ​ $1.00 for each reference
after the first
​Penalty Print ​Documents containing printing which is spaced with more than 9 lines per vertical inch or more than 22 characters and spaces per horizontal inch, for not less than 3 inches in one sentence. ​$1.00 for each page containing penalty print
Indexing Fee
​Documents requiring indexing of more than 10 names in order to give the required notice ​$1.00 for each 10 names after the first 10
​County Transfer Tax ​Property transfers anywhere in the county ​0.55 per $500.00
(computed on equity
or full value of  transfer)
​Conveyance Tax ​Property transfers within the cities of San Jose, Mountain View, and Palo Alto ​$1.65 per $500.00
(computed on full value)

Exceptions to Standard Fees

​Government Lien Release Recording Fee ​State, county, and municipal lien releases (Federal lien releases are subject to the standard recording fee.) ​$23.00 (includes REI)
​Map Filing Fee ​Subdivision, parcel, survey, assessment and cemetery maps ​$8.00 first page +$2.00 each additional page
​Filing Fee ​Builder's Contracts ​$15.00 
​Preliminary 20-day Notice Fee ​Preliminary 20-day notices
(Notices are only filed for private work)
​UCC Filling Fee ​Uniform Commercial Code Fillings ​$20.00 for 1-2 pages
$30.00 for 3 or more pages (includes REI)

How to Calculate Fees for Documents Subject to the Standard Fees

  • Calculate the standard fee of $25.00 (this fee includes the $10.00 Real Estate Fraud Prevention Fee per GC 27388) for the first page and $3.00 for each additional fee.
  • Review the Additional Fees to determine which additional fees and taxes apply.
  • Add the amount for each and every applicable additional fee to the standard fee.

For example, you are recording a 2-page grant deed. You determine that it is subject to the Survey Monument Preservation Fund and that it is subject to county transfer tax of $30.25 and San Jose city conveyance tax of $90.75. The pricing would be:

Standard fee for 2 pages:              25.00
SMPF fee:               10.00
County Transfer Tax:              30.25
San Jose Conveyance Tax:              90.75
Total owed:            149.00

If you record a document in person, the Clerk-Recorder's Office will compute all fees for you. If you record by mail and are unsure of the total amount owed, you may send a check with a not to exceed amount (NTE $) amount on the memo line. The Clerk-Recorder's Office will enter the correct amount owed and process the payment.

If you wish to record a document by mail, mail your document and payment to this address:

Clerk-Recorder's Office
ATTN:  Recording
First floor
110 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134


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