Apply for a Marriage License

General Information: 
Only two unmarried persons who are at least 18 years of age with valid government issued identification may apply for a marriage license in the state of California.  Anyone under 18 must obtain a court order through the Juvenile Court system.

--  A wedding ceremony must be performed within 90 days from the date the license is issued, anywhere within the state of California. 

--  The wedding ceremony must be performed by an authorized party and have at least one witness present (a witness is not required for confidential marriages).

Marriage Services at Santa Clara County:

Couples may choose one of the following marriage services from our office:

  • Marriage license onlythe couple will purchase a marriage license from the office and perform a ceremony elsewhere, in the state of California.  The ceremony must be performed by an authorized officiant within 90 days after the license is issued.

  • Marriage license and ceremony – the couple will purchase the marriage license from the office and request one of our deputy commissioners to perform a civil ceremony.

  • Both parties must be present with a valid photo government-issued ID.  No copies or digital images are allowed.

Appointments are required in advance for chapel ceremonies.   All other marriages services are available without an appointment.  Marriage services are offered Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Plan Your Marriage Ceremony:  information and fees



  1.  Click on the link below.

    • Select Marriage license application.

    • Select either "Confidential" or "Standard" marriage license to begin the process.

    • Enter all the information required for each party.

  2.  If either party were divorced, an accurate account of the day-month-year of when the divorce was finalized is required on the application.  If the divorce happened within the past 90 days, a copy of the final judgement of dissolution is required to complete the application process.

  3.  Click the “place your order” button at the end of the application.  You will receive an order number (starts with SST). Please note/save your order number.

  4.  Visit the office during business hours to complete the process and pay for all applicable fees.


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