Change Your Name When You Marry


Be certain of your new name choice—you cannot change the name on your marriage license or certificate after the license is issued.

Name Change Requirements

The Name Equality Act of 2007 specifies the kind of changes you can make to your name when getting married:

  • You cannot change your first name
  • You can change your middle or last names to the:
    • Current last name of your spouse
    • Last name of either spouse given at birth
    • A single, combined name that includes all or a segment of both spouse’s last names (current or birth surnames)
    • A hyphenated combination of last names

Seek Outside Legal Advice

It is unlawful for County Clerk staff to answer questions of a legal nature. We cannot advise on your choice of a new name or retention of your former name on the marriage license application.

For your protection, if you have any questions regarding your name change, particularly if you'll be using your new name when dealing with immigration, please consult an attorney or the appropriate consulate prior to applying for your marriage license.​

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