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●  Effective July 1st, 2024, the following Marriage Services and fees will be:

  • Civil Marriage Ceremony for Chapel (indoor or outdoor) = $112. Both chapels are available by reservation only. Please contact [email protected] or (408) 299-5658.

  • Express Marriage Ceremony = $174

  • County Witness = $32 (required for Express Marriage Ceremonies)

●  Effective July 1st, 2024, Passport applications will be accepted at the Santa Clara County Libraries!

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The Clerk-Recorder’s Office is open for in-person customer service with or without an appointment.  Please click here to book an appointment.

  • For Marriage license and ceremonies please click here.

  • Birth, Death, and Marriage records in-person appointment.

    Please Note:

    *** If the event took place within a four-week period, the record is unavailable. You may pay for the record and we will mail it once it is uploaded into our system. ***

    *** Most documents should be issued same day EXCEPT if the image is poor, or document is illegible, then it will be mailed to the address indicated on application. ***

    *** LNR/Single Status: Two searches are allowed per appointment. If more is needed then, they must be mailed to our office for processing. ***

    *** Amendments/Corrections: It takes four weeks for amendments and/or corrections to be uploaded in our system after it has been filed at the state office. Please let us know if the document was amended and should have a second page. ***

    ***Due to the timeframe of appointments, all genealogy requests must be mailed to our office with the appropriate fee****

  • Recording services (Maps Only) in-person appointment.

    Please Note:  If you have Real Property documents to record, no appointment necessary.
  • Business Filings (FBN, Notary Oaths, CEQA)/Official Record copies:  email to [email protected], or schedule an in-person Appointment.


Birth, Death and Marriage Certified Copies

Birth, death and marriage records can be requested through the mail or online through the VitalChek service.  A completed sworn statement in addition to a notary acknowledgment is required. Completed requests will be sent through the US mail within four to six weeks.

Vital Records copy request forms and information.

Marriage License & Ceremony Services

Both parties getting married must visit the office for marriage services.  The marriage license application can be submitted online prior to visiting our office.

Marriage License forms and information

If you have general questions,  email us at [email protected].


Real Estate Recording

Documents sent through the mail will be reviewed and recorded within ten business days if it meets all recording requirements. The original will be mailed out within six to eight weeks.

If you have general questions about recording documents and fees, email us at [email protected]

Note: We do not carry real estate recording forms and we do not give legal advice. For copies of recorded documents, please see Business Filings & Official Record Copies. For questions relating to Propositions 19 & 58, please contact the Santa Clara County Assessor's Office.

Business Filings & Official Record Copies

Fictitious Business Filings (FBN) and Official Record Copy requests will continue to be accepted either via mail or email.  However, you may now make an appointment for these services.

If you have general questions and official record copy requests, email us at [email protected] .

Fictitious Business Names forms and information.

Official Record copy information.

If you submit/submitted your request via our online, self-service portal, you will need to make an appointment to come in to the office and finalize the process.  At your appointment, please bring your ID and payment with you.

Notary Oaths and Filings

Notary filings will continue to be accepted through the mail. However, you may now make an appointment for these services.

Access Notary Oath filing information.

If you have general questions, email us at [email protected].

CEQA Filings

CEQA filings will continue to be accepted electronically if it is under the ten-page limit.

General CEQA information.

You can also search a list of CEQA filings.

If you have general questions, email us at [email protected].

Grantor/Grantee Index

The Clerk-Recorder's Office can send out a daily .csv file OR a monthly .csv file that contains all the recordings for the past 30 days by email. These files will include date, document number, grantor/grantee, document titles(s), and transfer tax paid.  To receive these emails, please submit a request by email to [email protected] with the subject line of "Request for Recorded Documents Report" to be reviewed and added to our email list. For any other research requests, please email to [email protected] with the subject line of "Research Request".


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Secure, preserve, and make accessible, the county's vital, business, and official records through maximized use of technology; while working together in the pursuit of excellence in customer service.

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