Notary Public Oath and Bond (Oath Filing)

Be sure to submit your oath of office and notary bond within 30 calendar days of your commission’s starting date.

The recorded bond will be returned to you by mail within six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

You can file your notary oath and bond in person or by mail.

In Person

Bring the following items with you:

  • Original Notary Public bond
  • Two completed but unsigned oath of office forms
  • Valid California Driver License
  • Notary public registration fee

By Mail

Please follow these steps for filing by mail:

1. Take the following items with you to a Notary Public:

  • Two completed but unsigned Oath of Office forms. The two oaths of office forms must be executed before a Notary Public in Santa Clara County. The Notary Public who administered the oath must complete the "For Persons Filing by Mail" section.
  • Valid California Driver License
  • Notary's fee

2. Mail the following items to the Clerk's Recorder's Office (see address below).

  • Short cover letter with filer's name, address, and telephone number

  • Original Notary Public bond. Be sure to sign the bond. The return name and address for the bond must be typed or printed in the top left corner of the bond.

  • The two signed oaths of office forms

  • Notary Public registration fee

  • Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope

  • Mail the above items to:

    Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorder's Office
    ATTN: Business Division
    110 West Tasman Drive, First Floor
    San Jose, CA 951​34

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